Web Development

You have 15 seconds to WOW! your next website visitor. Is your site up for the challenge?

Don’t underestimate the potential of an incredible website to launch your business, position your brand and drive sales.

The following represents our promise to you. We, (Electric Web Marketing) promise that your website will be valtrex coupons :

  • Visually Stunning.
  • Unique and Memorable.
  • Flexible and Easy to Use.
  • Optimized for Conversion.
  • Optimized for Search Engines.
  • Optimized for Social Signaling.


Visually Arresting It is imperative that the visual-presentation layer of the site be unique and compelling.
Unique Standing out from the competition strongly correlates with driving more sales through the website.
Flexible and Easy to Use: It is a priority to code in a flexible content management system that allows an admin with no prior IT experience to make as many changes as needed to the site.
User friendly: User experience must drive every facet of the site, to ensure that customers are at once impressed with the interface and are also able to quickly and easily complete all desired actions.
Optimized for Conversion: The investment made for development of a website should see a return in the form of email, telephone leads and sales. Your website will be optimized for conversion; designed in such a manner that will optimize the percent chance of a targeted visitor leaving their contact information.
Optimized for Search With a vast amount of commercial queries being made through Google, it is important that the website follow best practices in order to rank on page 1 for relevant queries on Google.
Optimized for Social Nearly as important as search is the desire of consumers to connect with you through social media. Social signals impact future customers. If a user sees a site with a requisite number of Facebook likes, comments, and Tweets they are likely to be influenced by this social data and make a purchase.

Our Design Process

A good site starts with incredible design: Our process begins with a meeting. We will sit down with you and brainstorm about disruptive, innovative site concepts that will help us promote your business and stand out from the competition. Once we have identified the direction we want to go conceptually, our designers will get down to work. A few days after the concept approval, you will receive your first design, drawn out in detail via Photoshop. You will receive infinite revisions on this design.

Once our design team and you have approved the design, we will move on to the programming phase of the project.

Our designs will break the status quo in your market. When your customers look at your site, they will immediately see and feel the distinction.

Programming overview

The functionality of the website is a list of every feature it must contain in order to support your business, engage customers, and drive sales. All functionality listed in your specification report, whether it be ecommerce, visual transitions, custom fades, click-to-call, membership functionality, or other heavyweight editorial content will be integrated in this phase. After the completion of the programming phase, we will test the site in a Mac and Windows environment. After you have reviewed the site and approved it, we can deploy to a live server.

Why build your site with electric?

Benefit Advantage
Cost Ours is a virtual company with a team of developers in the Bay Area. Because of our low overhead, we have been able to substantially reduce the list price of our services. Our development and marketing services are currently undervalued by an average margin of 80%, the savings all being passed on to the consumer.
Strong Porfolio As an agency, we have had the privilege of working with known organizations such as Magnum Boots, Keller-Williams, Bridgeview Bank, and the Mayor’s Office of the City of Stockton.
Expertise in conversion rate optimization Our team is trained in conversion rate optimization, the process of inciting web visitors into revealing commercially relevant information such as their name, phone and email. Although there are a number of talented web developers out there, few have background in this field.
Expertise in search engine optimization: Although a number of agencies claim to be familiar with best practices in SEO, few have active SEO campaigns boasting first page positions on Google for commercially relevant terms. We have a number of successful SEO campaigns for web properties worth over $1M/year in search traffic and can substantiate this claim with live Analytics panels.
Flexibility: Because we are a small agency of just 8 full-time employees, we can remain flexible in terms of fielding your questions, offering 1-1 consultations and remaining engaged and attuned with you throughout the design and development process.
Expertise in social signaling: People buy for a combination of 2 reasons: Private signals and social signals. Private signals are all the typical marketing elements you hear people talking about: Who are you, why should I trust you, what is your cost? Social signals are simply the visible actions of others. If I’m taking a walk down the street see someone stopped staring at the sun, it’s unlikely that I do the same. Yet if I see multiple people doing it, it’s much more likely I will follow suite. At some point, if you can show that on your site that enough people are buying the product/service, receiving value and engaging, a brand new user will think as follows: “I’ve never tried this product/service, yet I see many other people have. Even if I have reservations, it’s more likely that my personal judgment is wrong rather than the judgment of all these individuals.” That, my friends, is called a network effect and it is the driver of a successful marketing campaign.