Electric Web is one of the only companies in the world to have extensive expertise in VR programming. Having built a team of experienced, younger developers, many of us have cut our teeth on the world of VR long before it became a fad and an eagerly explored option for marketers and large firms for in-content placement.

Virtual reality programming is the cutting-edge of immersive experience and the next big revolution in tech.

VR programming case studies

Programming devices

Oculus Gear HTC Vive Playstation VR Fove VR Zeiss VR One Avegant Glyph Razer OSVR
Google Cardboard Freefly VR Headset


VRML C# Python Java C++ Unity Game Engine Unreal Game Engine Processing-


We come from a variety of programming and software backgrounds, located
in Sacramento, CA.
Many of our employees are graduates of Stanford, SF State, and UC Berkeley. We have been developing VR apps since 2013.