The principles we live by

Be disruptive:

“If there has been a case study, it’s already too late.” Seth Godin

These words from Seth Godin embody our approach to creativity. We never want to do something that resembles what someone else has already done. We want to stand out and disrupt the status quo.

A disruptive design or marketing campaign is one that can immediately arouse attention and inspire your potential customers. A disruptive site is so unique, so new, so interesting that it:

  • Visually stuns your users and immerses them in your world.
  • Energizes your existing customer base.
  • Puts you on the map: People who have never heard of you, and might not even be directly interested in your business, will notice what you’re doing and spread the word to others who may be interested.
  • Suddenly yanks market share away from the competition.

Walk your talk:

Marketing is an investment and it has risk. You are making an investment in any marketing company you work with. Shouldn’t they invest in you? We think that they should. That’s why every marketing campaign we offer comes with some form of performance guarantee. We don’t just promise you results, we guarantee delivery.

We are one of few marketing agencies that lays out specific deliverables (such as number of sales, number of leads, etc.) prior to the campaign, and refunds the difference at the end of each month if something goes wrong. For example, if we predict that we will make 10 sales a month, and we charge $1000 a month for marketing and somehow we only get 8 sales that month, we will refund you the $200 difference.

Always give massive value:

Money always follows VALUE and the marketing we provide creates real, massive value for your customers. This rule applies to everything you do within internet marketing, from the products and services you offer, to your website experience, the free content you give away, the emails you send your list, your customer service, social media, etc.

The more value you offer, the more likely people will think you are credible, trustworthy and likeable. It takes all 3 to create satisfied customers that buy from you over and over again and endorse you to their friends and colleagues.

Put everthing to the test:

All too often marketing executives let themselves get lost in the creative, fun and “fluffy” side of advertising. Don’t get us wrong, that’s hugely important. But there is a secret weapon in internet marketing that isn’t glamorous and sexy, yet literally makes the difference between a failed campaign and a successful one or between a successful campaign and a MEGA-successful campaign.

So, would you like to know what that secret weapon is? Well for just $19.99 you can buy our book and we’ll tell you…
Just kidding, we’ll tell you now

It’s analytics:

What’s analytics? It’s the process of testing, measuring and analyzing data associated with every part of your marketing campaign from traffic generation to conversion optimization. Our team has a strong background in statistics and computational mathematics which allows us to develop sophisticated models for campaign performance. In our opinion, ANYTHING that can be tested, should be.

Be honest to a fault:

If you speak to us on the phone, you will soon learn that we are honest to a fault. It is not unusual for us to “blow a deal” because of speaking the blunt truth. If your product stinks, you’ll hear about it. If you have an idea for a campaign that won’t work, we aren’t going to take your money.

We have seen too many companies sell without any performance guarantees (usually when their former customers come back to us, let down with tales of many promises and no delivery).

Our goal is to build a lifetime partnership with you, not to “close the deal.” Your marketing team should be your trusted advisor, not a Yes Man that just wants your money.