Electric is partnered with an awards winning firm ranked top 5 in multiple categories. Together, we have secured media for CEOs and executive clientele with the likes of Fox News, ABC’s 20/20, CNBC, The New York Times, and niche outlets like TBN and American Management Association.

Media exposure can exponentially grow your company. We specialize in “Executive Branding;” taking the CEO, an executive or other significant member of your organization and leveraging them to get you top news placements.

Consider these numbers from a brand study by Burston-Marsteller, one of the world’s largest PR firms. Based on a CEO’s reputation, influential business leaders revealed:

Graph 1


decided whether or not to invest in a company

Graph 2


recommended a company as a good place to work

Graph 3


would recommend a company as a good alliance or merger partner


Electric Web and our PR partner delivers top line revenue growth strategies through a proprietary Executive branding model. We exceed client expectations, from a custom-built suite of strategic services and rapid delivery of results that consistently surpass benchmarks, to an unparalleled performance guarantee that says “the work is not complete until we deliver.”

Key Differentiators:

  • Guaranteed near instantaneous media coverage. We place stories and field requests for interviews with your target audiences within the first 72 hours of the launch of your first PR campaign.
  • We leverage our collective industry experience to guarantee media coverage in target outlets over the life of your campaign.
  • Commitment to meeting campaign benchmarks of securing a minimum amount of placements across TV, radio, online, and print, even if we have to execute at our expense.
  • We get you in front of your audiences and spark conversations that will enhance your credibility with them.
  • We understand PR and we leverage our ability to tell your story to improve top line revenue. We focus on outcomes, not just output.
  • Our chief PR partner, Raoul, walks the talk, contributing frequently to Forbes magazine.

We will get you the exposure you need in front of the people who matter the most to your company’s success.

Our results have ceos seaking multi-year relationships with us:

S.B.: This CEO of a blue chip company in the railroad and manufacturing industry, came to us to get more exposure for his brand and company. In the first 4 months he was featured by Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Bloomberg, and Fox News on multiple occasions, and has a featured monthly article in American City Business Journal, with a site-wide audience of 3.7 million executives with an average net worth of 1.7 million. The exposure has resulted in access to the innovative ideas, potential strategic partners, and other avenues to help position the company for 4x growth.

L.H.: A property development market leader– In just 60 days of working with us, they had placements with ABC News, Huffington Post, USA Today, and a Yahoo article with 2,200 comments, a 2,000% increase in website traffic, 5 + business inquiries per day, v$300,000,000 in potential projects brought to them, more investment capital, and attracted the attention and talent of the likes of Eric Lloyd Wright, grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright, widely thought to be the most influential architect of the 20th century.

J.B.: This former top NBA draft pick’s first PR campaign with resulted in over 70 media placements, a 6X return in sales on his investment and increased national distribution of his product with multiple retail chains by 700% in 90 days.

(Initials omitted to protect confidentiality): The CEO of a leading nuclear security company received multiple RFPs for deals from major corporations, drove multiple acquisition offers, and became a recognized industry leader in just 4 months, all from the brand campaign.

(Initials omitted to protect confidentiality): Managing partners of the largest social network in their niche received a six-figure book deal in 90 days.

Within several months, you, too, can see results such as:

  • Speaking engagements at prestigious organizations like Harvard, Yale, the White House, Kraft, Campbell Soup, Lakewood Church and The Potter’s House
  • Awards such as The Texas Governor’s Business of The Year, Executive of The Year, and Author of the Year within your respective industry
  • Media appearances and features on ABC’s 20/20, Fox News, CNBC, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times
  • Book deals with large US publishers John Wiley, McGraw Hill, Penguin, and others
  • Kraft
  • Penguin
  • CNN
  • Hotel
  • CNBC
  • MGH
  • abc
  • Fox
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