A unique approach

Our approach is unique for 2 reasons:

  1. We look at every project on three levels. We design a marketing strategy that aligns with your overall business strategy and objectives. Then we create a web platform (website, social media and mobile) that is tailored to the marketing strategy. Most companies build websites that look pretty, but don’t help your marketing.
  2. We focus on disruptive innovation. What is disruptive innovation? We’re glad you asked. Here is an explanation: Most markets are highly competitive if not completely saturated. If you are entering a market as a new company or if you are an existing company looking to gain a larger market share, you have to do more than just what the largest competitor is doing. Your website needs to be better, more interesting, more engaging, more share-worthy and in short more innovative. You need to have a website that is so interesting and unique that it will capture the attention and interest of your website visitor in 5 seconds or less.