It’s time to start making money online.

Our eCommerce expertise is extensive. We our familiar with all major eCommerce platforms

  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Wordpress
  • shopify
  • zencart
  • volusion
  • infusionsoft

doing ecommerce with us means the following

User Experience: A little bug in the system can cost you thousands of dollars worth of sales (if millions). We will test the site in a number of ways and pay an outside consulting firm to run a usability test on the site to ensure everything works great.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Too many ecommerce sites are (let’s face it) ugly. We will ensure a beautiful, conversion rate optimized store.

Mobile Optimization: With many potential shoppers finding you using tablets and phones, we will ensure the ecommerce experience is just as good if not better on mobile!

Security: Your ecommerce system is vulnerable. From the heartbleed bug to other forms of malicious intrusion, we have you covered.

SEO: Our team will ensure each ecommerce page is optimized for search and social.



Feature Category Description
# Of Products General How many products do you want in store?
Variable Features General Some products may have variable features, such as multiple colors, sizes, etc. Please specify if you want user to be able to automatically generate variable features.
Custom Product Descriptions SEO The pages that rank best in search engines have long, unique product descriptions. Often up to 500 words long. If you want our SEO copywriters to write some or all product descriptions, please specify so here and state how many descriptions you require.
Custom Design SEO A custom-designed product page will rank better on Google. Please specify if you want this.
Trouble Tickets CRM User can submit trouble ticket. User can specify level of priority for ticket and track their ticket via CRM.
Coupons Sales User can apply coupon code. Code is generated and syndicated admin-side.
Price Clubs Sales Admin can create price clubs. User can join. For example, if every month, a certain user buys 2 pounds of dark columbian roast, she can join the “coffee lover’s price club,” and get discounts and email promotions.
Wholesaler Sales Admin can create wholesaler group and generated password. Wholesalers can log in and see wholesaler prices.
Free Shipping Logistics Admin can create free shipping offer.
Quantity Discounts Sales If user buys a certain quantity, quantity discount is applied automatically.
Bundled Products Logistics Admin can bundle products together. For example, if you sell coffee, coffee mugs, and butterscotch (amongst other things) you can create a “Father’s Day Bundle,” which offers all three in a single product.
Recently Viewed Products User Experience User sees recently viewed products.
Compare Products User Experience User can compare/contrast products
Upselling Sales At checkout, user sees upsell offers.
Send to Friend Social Media User can send product link to friends.